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We at strive to bring you the best possible customer service every day. Here are some e-mails we have received from some very satisfied customers who have been able to sell and/or rent their homes through our website.


"We rented the house and your service is perfect!"
    - Laurie Zoloth, Ph.D
      Northwestern University
"We are so happy with the results of our posting with We communicated with several prospective tenant/housesitters and for various reasons, it came down to one couple all by itself. I carried on a fairly lengthy communication with the couple who is living in our house before we settled on the agreement, but liked them very much from afar. She is a grad student at NAU and he is her partner. They moved in the last week of August and we met them at that time. I went back about three weeks later and the house and acreage were in great condition. They are turning out to be just what we had in mind for taking care of our property during the winter months--and both directions beyond. Our studio is finished so that we can stay there when we go to AZ, and I found we share the property very nicely. We'd be happy if they stay longer than one academic year. The service is wonderful because it focuses on academic people and I feel wonderful that we can offer a great space to live to a young couple so that they can save money as they care for our property. I wouldn't want to advertise the property to the general public; this is perfect. I also like the fact that we can communicate with prospective tenants without having to give out more information at the outset than might be prudent. Keep this going!"
    - Roberta Gilman
      UC Santa Barbara
"Without your service I would not have been able to get such a great offers, and would not found a house. I am on my way to see my new apartment!"
    - Anat Z.
"Just one day after I had sent my home posting, I found a tenant for six months, he has arrived in Paris, and the arrangement seems to be quite satisfactory on both sides. Thank you. I'll certainly go back to you when I need to advertise my apartment again!"
    - L R
      University of Tours, France
"Academic Homes has been a very useful site. I was able to rent my Paris apartment for the 6 months I am away to a very nice couple. The site is easy to use and the people who work there responsive and responsible."
    - J. W.
      Tufts University
"Every person who has rented from us have been so wonderful that we end up being friends during their stay and after they leave. We have always found fabulous people through Academic Homes."
    - Monica D.
      University of British Columbia
"As my family and I prepared for our sabbatical year which would involve a cross-country move, we struggled to find housing. After using a variety of online resources, we became resigned to the idea of renting an apartment for our family of four. Then, one day, an AcademicKeys e-Flier came into my Inbox. As I scanned the e-mail, my jaw almost dropped as I read the words, "NEED A SABBATICAL HOME?" I clicked the supplied link, put in our sabbatical destination, found a house that fit our budget and, within 24 hours, began discussions with our future landlord, a professor who would be on sabbatical from the university I would be visiting. It was, quite simply, that easy!"
    - Tim Chartier
      Davidson College
"Your site was very useful and I heard from several good prospects ... your site is very user friendly and seems to reach a number of people as I also heard about my "Apartment Wanted" advertisement as well."
    - Katherine Terrell
      University of Michigan
"We listed our home with several services. Our earliest earnest inquiry from qualified potential renters came through Academic Homes; these potential renters, coming to join our faculty, are in our house now."
    - RHS
"I have now rented my flat out twice during breaks to tenants who contacted me through - these have been the friendliest and most respectful rental experiences I have ever had. It made a big difference to know that these were colleagues whose university sites I could look at, and who might want the same kind of facilities in a home or share some interests with me."
    - F. T.
      Brunel University
"I found that was a great resource for potential renters of my property who were also from an academic background. This left me feeling that my home would be in good hands. I will use in the future."
    - Kathy D.
      The University of Maryland
"Academic Homes has enabled us to have a wonderful family from Brazil to stay in our home in Boston and pay for the heat and other utilities last January while we were traveling. They loved the snow and our expenses were covered. We also have an invitation to visit them in Rio where they are professors! I would certainly recommend this type of arrangement!"
    - Sally B.
      University of Delaware
"As I said in my earlier message I got a response in 8 hours and it has worked out; the people arrive from England next week and I`m off to Argentina!"
    - Ron Smyth
      University of Toronto
"I commend the services AcademicHomes provides, which offers a unique opportunity for academics internationally."
    - Wei Li
      Arizona State University