Looking for a House-sitting Position or Rental near Cambridge



I retired from a teaching position at Buckingham Browne & Nichols School two years ago, and sold my home in Harvard Square. Since then, I have been housesitting for a family in the Huron Village area. I continue to substitute 2 or 3 days each week. The family I'm housesitting for will return in September, 2018, and I would love to stay in the Cambridge/Boston/Belmont area, as it is convenient to my part-time job. I am single, respectful, responsible, and flexible. I am happy to provide letters of recommendation from my current landlady and my employers. In exchange for a reduced rent, I keep an eye on the heating system throughout the house, contact plumbers or electricians as necessary (with approval of the landlady), regularly forward mail to the family while they are away, and generally provide a presence at the house. Most of my "things" are currently in storage, so I would prefer to move in to a furnished space.. (I can bring my own towels, sheets, etc.) I'm flexible about the timeframe, but I prefer at least a 10-12 month residency, and I would be open to a longer stay, depending on your travel plans. Please feel free to call me or email me if you would like more information, or if I can answer questions you may have. Thank you. Deanne



Home Needs:

Wants to rent! Wants to house sit!
Tenant: Deanne Peterson, Academic - Faculty/Instructor
Near: Massachusetts, United States
Type: Apartment (For one person)
Targeted Price: about $1,800.00 per month (USD)
Lease: Needed immediately, lease length to be determined
(Dates are somewhat flexible)
Desired Size: (No desired size specified.)
Rooms: 1 full-bathrooms
1 bedrooms
1 total rooms

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