Housing Wanted



Math Professor, author, writer, needs two bedroom home for housesit or rental or to purchase in Durham, Chapel Hill or surrounding area. Rescue dog needs outside space. Low footprint, vegan, no smoking, drinking or drugs. Furnished would be ideal, but not required.
Dates flexible.
Please call B. Pearl at 215.840.1190.


Home Needs:

Wants to rent! Wants to house sit!
Tenant: Barbara Pearl , Academic - Faculty/Instructor
Near: Durham, North Carolina, United States
Type: Cottage (For one person)
Targeted Price: (No target price specified.)
Lease: Needed immediately, lease length to be determined
(Dates are negotiable)
Desired Size: (No desired size specified.)
Rooms: 1 full-bathrooms
2 bedrooms
1 total rooms
Desired Amenities:
Nonsmoking Parking
Pets Allowed

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