Home for couple in west Berlin



Myself and my partner having been living in Germany for the past two years, and would like to move in together in Berlin.

I have been working at the Fritz Haber Institute (Max Planck Society) for the past two years and will shortly become a group leader in the molecular physics department there. My partner will begin a PhD position in November 2022 at the Potsdam Institute fur Klimafolgenforschung, in Potsdam. We are looking for somewhere to live together for the next 2+ years, ideally for the duration of her PhD contract. Our net income is EUR5000+.


Home Needs:

Wants to rent!
Tenant: sidney wright, Academic - Faculty/Instructor
Near: Germany
Type: Apartment (For 2 people)
Targeted Price: about $1,500.00 per month (EUR)
Lease: Needed immediately, lease length to be determined
(Dates are somewhat flexible)
Desired Size: (No desired size specified.)
Rooms: 1 bedrooms
2 total rooms

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